Friday, 17 March 2017

Luminox Carabiner (or Karabiner) Folding Knife and Tool Set - A novelty, A Review

I got this interesting folding knife combo from my watch dealer as a gift (see and, two of my other blogs dedicated to watch collecting).

Made for the Luminox watch brand, it is a carabiner cum folding knife with a couple of tools bits such a flat screw bit and a Phillips screw bit. It comes in a simple white cardboard box without any text or logo.

The tool is painted black with a large "Luminox" name and logo on the side. Made out of soft metal, this "carabiner" cannot be used as the name suggest. It is only good to keep keys and such. Putting any stress like your own body weight may cause it to fail. It is merely a decoration.

There is a linear lock to the knife blade when extended for safety. To disengage, the lock needs to be manually pushed out of the way. The blade comes with a saw bit as well. At the extreme left of the tool is also a bottle opener.

The two screw bits. The dimensions for the carabiner is 10.5 cm long and 6.5 cm wide (at the thickest part). The blade is 7.5 cm long and when fully extended, the whole tool is 19 cm.

Overall, a good concept. With quality material and good manufacturing processes, this can be a great tool. This particular example is just a novelty.

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