Friday, 30 June 2017

Rolson Folding Trimming Knife - A very compact box-cutter, A Review

I found this interesting box-cutter at ACE Hardware Store in Mid Valley. Cost me RM28.09. Made by Rolson, it is a box-cutter that is made into a folding knife. When folded it is approximately 10.5 cm long. Fully extended it is 16.5 cm long with a blade length of 3 cm.

Made out of plastic, it comes with a belt clip. The opening tab on the blade holder also doubles up as the quick blade change release. At the center of the handle you can just make out the locking mechanism release button. Apart from the belt clip, there is ring at the hilt to tie a lanyard if required.

The blade is a standard Two-Notch-Blade. Rolson also provide a clear plastic cover for the blade as added safety.

As a box-cutter, I find this design very refreshing. Unlike standard heavy-duty box-cutters which are relatively longer, this design is very compact. I like it very much.

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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Buck 750 Redpoint Folding Knife - Good Camping Buddy, A Review

This is my first Buck knife. The 750 Redpoint is a folding knife with a locking mechanism that needs to be engaged to be able to extend or fold the blade. It is 10.5 cm folded and 18.0 cm extended. The blade is 7 cm long.

The knife comes with an integral pocket clip as well as a bottle opener under a ring at the end of the knife. This knife has a serrated section about 40% of the blade. The yellow hard plastic handle facilitate visibility.

The locking mechanism is the button with the red triangle at the edge of the hilt. Using your thumb to engage the button, you concurrently use your pointy finger to the gear-like serration at the hilt to move the knife from the folded position.

Buck gives a lifetime warranty on this product. Retail price in Malaysia is RM319.00. I was able to get for RM271.15.

Overall, a good folding knife to have when going camping.

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Thursday, 25 May 2017

Daiso Ceramic Fruit Knife - Cheap and Sharp, A Review

I found a small ceramic knife from Daiso Japan costing only RM5.90. Comes in a variety of colors. I took the blue as it looks the nicest of the bunch. Really sharp but brittle.

This knife is approximately 17 cm long with a blade of 8 cm. The handle is hard plastic and it comes with a plastic sheath that fits the blade snugly. There are cut-outs on the sheath that spells out "ERAMIC" (I believe you supposed to read it with the missing "C" made out of the curve at the end of the sheath).

I will use this knife as a letter opener. Hopefully the sharpness will stay on longer than a typical box cutter blade.

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Friday, 17 March 2017

Luminox Carabiner (or Karabiner) Folding Knife and Tool Set - A novelty, A Review

I got this interesting folding knife combo from my watch dealer as a gift (see and, two of my other blogs dedicated to watch collecting).

Made for the Luminox watch brand, it is a carabiner cum folding knife with a couple of tools bits such a flat screw bit and a Phillips screw bit. It comes in a simple white cardboard box without any text or logo.

The tool is painted black with a large "Luminox" name and logo on the side. Made out of soft metal, this "carabiner" cannot be used as the name suggest. It is only good to keep keys and such. Putting any stress like your own body weight may cause it to fail. It is merely a decoration.

There is a linear lock to the knife blade when extended for safety. To disengage, the lock needs to be manually pushed out of the way. The blade comes with a saw bit as well. At the extreme left of the tool is also a bottle opener.

The two screw bits. The dimensions for the carabiner is 10.5 cm long and 6.5 cm wide (at the thickest part). The blade is 7.5 cm long and when fully extended, the whole tool is 19 cm.

Overall, a good concept. With quality material and good manufacturing processes, this can be a great tool. This particular example is just a novelty.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Aluminium Alloy Slingshot Camouflage Bow Catapult – A piece of crap, A Review

I suddenly got interested in slingshot or catapult. I decided to get one from Amazon but this particular example is rather useless and does justify why it is cheap.

Made in China, the whole construction appears weak and may break under stress. I would recommend that you do wear eye protection if you want to use this "slingshot" less it break when you pull back the rubber.

Otherwise, the design is sound. The problem lies purely on the construction quality.

Friday, 3 February 2017

SOG Trident Folding Karambit Claw Knife

Re-starting my knife collecting with earnest. Due to new commitments, my primary hobby of watch collecting (see: & will now take a back seat while I focus on knives. The change is purely due to the cost factor.

For 2017, the SOG Trident Folding Karambit Claw Knife was the first target. I got the watch from eBay Malaysia.

This folding knife has a handle length of 127 mm. The blade length is 70 mm. When fully extended, the total length of the knife is 178 mm. At its widest, the knife is 50 mm wide and it has an thickness of 13 mm (excluding the belt clip). The blade is made out of 440 stainless steel with a hardness rating of 54HRC. Meanwhile, the handle material is ABS plastic.

This particular model has the reddish desert camouflage. It comes with a belt clip and the blade is locked in place by a linear lock.

Both sides of the ABS handles are attached to the knife to a metal frame for added rigidity. It has a skeletonised design where the linear lock lever can clearly be seen. There are also four holes in the frame and handles (apart from the large finger ring at the hilt of the knife) to further enhanced the skeleton look of the knife.

Extending the blade can be done by either manipulating the finger tab near the guard; or via the thumb stud at the left side of the ricasso (there is no stud on the opposite side which implies this knife is not ambidextrous - the current design makes it more useful to a right-hander); or just grabbing the blade with two fingers and folding it open.

Note of caution: the blade needs to move at a quick pace so as to get the linear lock to set in place correctly. Moving the blade in position slowly may provide the necessary momentum to the linear lock to catch. Therefore, always make sure the lock is in position before attempting to use the knife.

The karambit is believed to have originated among the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra where, according to folklore, it was inspired by the claws of big cats. It was originally an agricultural implement designed to rake roots, gather threshing and plant rice. It was popular among women who would tie the weapon into their hair to be used in self-defense. Even today, silat practitioners regard it as a feminine weapon.

The karambit is held with the blade pointing downward from the bottom of the fist, usually curving forwards however occasionally backwards. While it is primarily used in a slashing or hooking motion, karambit with a finger ring are also used in a punching motion hitting the opponent with the finger ring. Some karambit are designed to be used in a hammering motion. This flexibility of striking methods is what makes it so useful in self-defense situations. The finger guard makes it difficult to disarm and allows the knife to be maneuvered in the fingers without losing one's grip.

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Friday, 13 May 2016

Victorinox Penknife with collaboration with IMD

Was given this Victorinox Penknife by IMD in a training course which they conducted in Westin Resort & Spa, Langkawi.

A simple tool with 7 implements that can handle more than 10 types of jobs.

The main blade is approximately 2 inches long.

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