Friday, 30 June 2017

Rolson Folding Trimming Knife - A very compact box-cutter, A Review

I found this interesting box-cutter at ACE Hardware Store in Mid Valley. Cost me RM28.09. Made by Rolson, it is a box-cutter that is made into a folding knife. When folded it is approximately 10.5 cm long. Fully extended it is 16.5 cm long with a blade length of 3 cm.

Made out of plastic, it comes with a belt clip. The opening tab on the blade holder also doubles up as the quick blade change release. At the center of the handle you can just make out the locking mechanism release button. Apart from the belt clip, there is ring at the hilt to tie a lanyard if required.

The blade is a standard Two-Notch-Blade. Rolson also provide a clear plastic cover for the blade as added safety.

As a box-cutter, I find this design very refreshing. Unlike standard heavy-duty box-cutters which are relatively longer, this design is very compact. I like it very much.

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