Sunday, 17 January 2016

Ceramic Kitchen Knive by iKitch

This is my first ceramic knife. Always wanted one due to the unique material used for the blade. Made under the brand iKitch, it appears to be a Japanese brand by virtue of the kanji writing on the box. However, I cannot find anything on it via Google.

I got this knife for free as part of the few gifts I got when I bought something for the house. As you can see from the packaging, it is set in a nice carbon-black cardboard box with silver letterings on the top.

The box is 32 cm long, 8 cm wide and 3.5 cm tall.

The lid is kept shut with magnets and it flips upwards to reveal the knife. At the back of the cover is some specifications and instructions about the knife.

For protection, there is a plastic sheath with skeleton ribbed sides. The knife is 27.5 cm long with the ceramic blade length of 15.5 cm. That leaves the silicone handle to be 12 cm long.

The watch is extremely sharp and due to the nature of the material used, it retain the sharpness extremely well albeit its brittleness. In the instructions, the knife is only to be used for cutting and not hacking.

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